Me, MySelf

I might talk about who I am, and what I do.


9 thoughts on “Me, MySelf”

  1. That has to be crispy as if that too long and its about me. The reader will negotiate the boring stuffs. Hehehe

  2. hi ezhil, although your introduction is quite crispy. i want to convey my thoughts about u quite briefly.

    actually he is my colleague when we were working in chennai. i worked with him only for a short period of time to say exactly 7 months. But within such a short span of time i literally realised that i am getting quite friendly with him. Its because of his simplicity, dignified, friendly, trust worthy, non betrayal and so on, sorry man i am running out of words.
    Quite a simple guy without the deed of getting anything costlier. i haven’t seen one before like him. but u always inspired me da. keep that ever worthful thoughts always with u
    All the best for your career.

    1. Hey Priya.. How are you? Thanks for your comment on me. That really made me to think whether i am sort of a guy that u have specified in ur comments.. Hehehe

    1. Hi na, Thanks for visiting my blog & for your comments too..:=), Its been longtime days rolled on very fast. Will keep up the good work always..

      Thanks Again!! Cheers!!!

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