Change the way on how you think

It was a fascinating day today. Not because the climate out here in Chennai is quite cool today, when I was commuting by train to office I get these thought in my mind which might frame my life on how I am so far, so thought of sharing it with my readers.

Thought Bubble

Am I happy with all the different areas of your life? What about the old you, would they be happy with the way your life is just now? What about your future self?

I believe consciousness is an amazing aspect of human life and I also believe we can access consciousness from all ourselves; past, present and future. It may have a memory which we can tap into. I see consciousness as being a split up into different clouds and each consciousness cloud can be tapped into should we wish to use its knowledge. Just as there may be clouds of consciousness for everything we can think of and some we have yet to think of we have clouds which pertain to us specifically. Within these clouds we can access our past consciousness, pour present consciousness and our future consciousness. This is the beauty of checking out all of my current beliefs it’s great to play with them , dismiss them and formulate my own, instead of someone telling me this is what you should believe and anything else is just stupid or crazy.

What I found most interesting is that I believed I would be happy with this career in all aspects of myself: past, present and future. However when I came to answer the questions about different aspects of my life it was
really surprising what my past thought about my present and what my future thought about my present choices.

Now you might think ‘how the hell can we access our future selves’. For a moment think about what you are going to do tomorrow, possibly get up to go to work, think of the work you will do, the people you will talk to, etc
etc. You have just accessed your future self. You always have to access your future self at some point. The moment you wake up you are accessing your future self you have to think about what you are going to do before you do it.This was a great revelation to me when I discovered it, and it is by no means a new revelation:

You ALWAYS have to think about your future before you do it.


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