Opportunity – A rarest commodity

I  wondered many times that why I am not getting an opportunity to prove myself that I am one of a good asset/my passion of getting a an onsite opportunity doesn’t come true.
It made me to think that whether opportunity is one of a rarest commodity on the earth that everyone have to seek for it. As a IT professional I have a passion form the moment I started this career. I should be a consultant providing consultancy services around the whole world. But I have only attained 20% of that passion the rest of the time I cannot get an opportunity to establish myself in such situation.

I can’t blame myself for not being so pro active to look for one. I been craving for one for so long time and for everything that I got I have put in my best efforts to prove that I am quite competitive even if the technology is new to me.Is it a rarest commodity?

I heard stories that my colleagues doesn’t want to go on a onsite offer. Taking the reason that they don’t want to and sometimes a colleague willing want to comeback from a country stating that he is getting quite bored there. Why am I not getting one such when I am craving it for more and why do I can’t get one. Do I lack in talent? or Do I lack in techincal skill sets or Do I lack in my communication what else. Why the opportunity doesn’t knock my door when I ready to open it or else whether it will knock when I am sleeping. If that the case I don’t want to sleep.

I don’t know why always opportunity is a rarest commodity to me. Is it only for me or is it for lot others in this world.Please take my survey on that by which I can finalize myself on the same. Thank You.



3 thoughts on “Opportunity – A rarest commodity”

  1. my boss told me not to do that, but to put that money into my own business as it was something i could control, and something that could make me more, per year, than it ever could.

  2. There is anotehr saying “when one door closes there are other doors ready to be opened”. At every door step there is a possibility for an opportunity to wait. Look around. Opportunity do come in a round robin way. Keep your eyes and ears open even at sleep. Do sleep!! Volunteer and and get watched to be picked-up.

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