On my new way

It’s been weeks since my bike got punctured. For those past days I been committing via public transport and it will be hectic when you live in a place where you wont get a transport straight to the office. I doesn’t mean that you will get everything in this world as a spoon feeding. But in scenarios where you were addicted to comfort when things got to mess around like I punctured my bike the whole world seems to be looking at me. hahahahaha

So for the past week I been planning to get this work done and so far until yesterday it is still in planning phase. Either way I left from office very late. If I left very early also my mind doesn’t prefer to look for a mechanic shop as it feels inside that I am very tired. I realised that I am getting boredom everyday when I listen to my consious mind. So to get a conclusion I decided yesterday that I will get this fixed. So instead of listening to conscious mind I asked my sub conscious mind to get me an idea to get this done by yesterday. “An idea popped out, I collected the bike from my friend and despicably looking for a mechanic and after so much confrontation I took him to my home to fix it.
When the work is on the way to my surprise he commented that the tube cannot be used anymore as the mouth which hold up the air has been given away. Hectic but I have prepared for that, because earlier I withdrawn 300 from ATM just for my safety and I paid him Rs.180 for a new tube and Rs.40 for the puncture.

At last I got this thing done for this weekend. I patted myself because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to get this thing done by listening to my sub conscious mind instead of blaming myself of not to get this thing done.


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