About thoughts – In a different Perspective

How far can you be unique in a world so wide with the set of human characteristics being too finite? The funny thing is, those who crave to be different are the same persons who crave the most for like-minded pals. Now, that brings us to a totally different story. Its wonderful how we find similarities with people as we get close to them even with seemingly the most unexpected ones. Its wonderful how we keep on discovering similarities with some people at the rate of a bunch per minute.

Life gets busy, life goes monotonous.  Typical. Oh yeah, life can be typical, too and then I have this realization where I see that chances are slim for such a spontaneous inspiration to happen in this busy part of life. I read somewhere, the key in such situations is to see the same things in a different palette. We have to redraw the same insane things on a different canvas using fresher colours, and all of a sudden they get a new life.

Similar or no-similar, what characterises my relations with people is my bad memory! I’m so sorry I can’t remember names, dates, relationships between people and other such critical details. I’m yet to see how this is gonna affect my future life in the outside cruel world.

Yet another thing at which I consider myself great, is multi-tasking. Still that’s what I always try to do – doing so many things at once, hardly contributing to any expected ‘efficient time management’. But I do believe in time management. If we spend money on things and say “Why not buy the best stuff for these bucks?”, well then, “Why not do the best things for these minutes?”.

The best way of spending the little moments in life may be to enjoy the simple things it offers. If you keep on observing life closely, you’ll soon discover that its the simple things that matter. One thing we can’t seem to avoid completely is the mood swing. Sad times do happen. Despite all the happy things going on around, once in a while we all go down the happiness scale, carried away in our own uncertainities. Let’s take this normally. After all there is no real point in staying sad. Moreover, the down times have their own part in the play of life. You see, it balances the happiness. Too much of happiness is too much of positive energy. And too much of energy is a pretty unstable state. It can make you overconfident and make you forget what is practical and what is not. So the sad times essentially pull us back to reality whenever we are floating away in the dreamy world for too long, and put us back into action.

Thus the most important faith is that in the goodness life offers – to see the real purpose of even the apparently unfavourable things that we come across. To learn and move on. To keep ourselves occupied rather than letting the negativity take over. And to keep a bunch of good people close at hand.

Don’t sit in the dark waiting for someone to switch on the light. Get up. In your life, you are the one to say “Let there be light!”. And there shall be light – Its a saying by someone. I feel it is apt to use it in my blog



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