Do I need a character change???

Do I need a character change??? – This was the thought that has bottled in me for some time. It came up again yesterday during a casual discussion. I felt much stressed and after a very surprise call, I began thinking myself what is wrong with my character. The question that arose in me (Do I need a character change) is useless.

There is this saying that “We all have issues that we need to deal with.” No matter how much of a well-rounded person I think I am, I should admit to the fact there is a particular part of my personality which probably looks weird or is annoying for others.

However, these little quirks, annoying habits and personal rituals that I just cannot seem to get rid of what is makes each person unique and interesting.

The first thing that I need to do when dealing with my character flaws is to accept it is a part of who am I?. Again, these characteristics are the things that make each individual unique, so I might as well accept it. This includes a little quirk like habitual lateness that you just cannot seem to shrug off

But what about being easily irritable? For this, I may want to analyze myself and learn how this flaw in my character is affecting others. For this I need to put myself in my shoes and imagine how I will react if I get ‘snappish’ response over an innocent question. Basically, I will get hurt, especially if I do not know the reason behind such behavior.

If I feel that my character can easily be adjusted for a newer, better me – I have to go out of my way and try to change it. This is especially true if my personality quirks are negatively affecting my colleagues or my loved ones.

At this moment the important thing is for me is to learn how to deal with flaws in my character and accept them as part of who am I as a person.

Because of these strange thoughts I got tired. It made me to think hey I got an alternate sleeping pill. Hehehe..


4 thoughts on “Do I need a character change???”

    1. Hahahhaa… I cannot do it that way. because that’s the way I express my thought. Though I received lots of criticism on the same. My readers also prefer me to write it that way..

      Carzy… Huh

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