A gift on my way

t was one of those erratic days when things are definitely off the schedule. Bored with these kinds of activities for so many days now I decided to go for a walk and checkout whats going on around me. As I stepped out of the house I realized that the weather is planning to give me a pleasure treat. I walked across the apts gazing at the clouds beginning to hide the stars studded sky. Days since I observed what nature looks like around. The sight of the trees strands over the dim light was such a gorgeous view. Refreshing cold wind was blowing across my face, a fresh gush of energy and an innate glee spread around me. For a moment I forgot about my regular set of worries. It is usually very rare to walk around  like that and today was one of those wonderful days when we had a chance to enjoy the pleasant breeze and feel the breeze ..as my hum goes..

The time I spent may be quite less but the effect obtained is invaluable and is most cherishing…I walked around a bit and heard the musical chatter of the leaves waving in the wind. Everything around me looked so happy and gloriously peaceful. Gazing at everything around me I walked across the road, finished some grocery and was getting back when it started raining so harshly..I stopped outside the shop and just waited to watch the rain.Such a pleasant feeling when the cool air engulfs your eyes and your face…Nothing could make you forget the worst of feelings than such a beautiful evening experience..What a gift of rejuvenation and ofcourse at the right time!!

I stood there observing the falling droplets of water cross the light of the white lamps…I dint realize how long it was ..until I could see no more of the drops…until the rain stopped that I had just left the things I bought over in the corner unattended….All engrossed with the strong smelling soil and the pitter patter rain-drops …a welcome break from my mundane routine.. I walked back and I felt the flowing cold water in my feet..I remembered my childhood when I used to willingly go back from school drenching myself completely. My slippers slipped as it always does …Guess I failed in my lessons to walk forever.The sound of flowing water was so fresh to remind me of all the peaceful things that I have ever thought of.. Reminds me of the days in Chennai when I used to visit the beach late in the night.I got recharged to some sort of hyper mood …I completely forgot to go back home with a feeling of not-wanting- to-part the cheerfulness I was blessed with . I peeked through my window just to see that the rain had completely stopped ..probably telling me that it is enough for today’s share of fun.


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