After a long…. time

Wow. Its been a long time that I started blogging.

And as opening lines go…thats pretty cliched. So yes…I’m pretty aware of that. But still…its true.

So why now? I guess its prodding from certain rather important people (well…technically…person)as well as the realisation that banging away on the keyboard is good for the nerves.Bad for the keyboard but definitely good for the nerves. Maybe it’ll shave off a few sticks off the already (recently) curtailed intake of good old nicotine.

My thoughts on goings on around the world…like whether the Dalai Lama really is the nefarious, evil soul that the Chinese governement claims he is… Or what I think the exit strategy/end game in Iraq should really be


thinking what to write…

maybe i should explain why i stopped.For one i suddenly found no time anymore  i lost access to 24×7 broadband internet thanks to the dorm!

All said and done i guess one reason to return is that i miss writing.

I have a childhood memory probably from 2nd or 3rd Standard  of me actually enjoying the task of copying text from a book in longhand in the special books we had to use in English classes that were meant to improve our handwriting.

(and that last sentence also brings back the only clear memory of teacher feedback from primary school – “His writing has brevity but lacks conciseness in sentence construction”. Personally, I think the old lady held a grudge because of a certain water balloon incident)

So anyways, as i was saying (or trying to) – while the mechanical act of putting pen to paper (or in this case…finger to keyboard) does offer some kind of calming peace (the pleasure of monotony?), i guess the effort of trying to clarify your thoughts and the process of thinking of the best way to articulate it to the world is something thats satisfying in a way i cant put a finger on

In case you had any suspicions to the contrary the above is merely to remind myself of things i mean to do.

A note to self just posted on the front door for the world and casual passers by and homeless transients to peer at.

So in ‘closing’ Hello again people. Will blog again as usual


One thought on “After a long…. time”

  1. Truly its been long time. To say it was really confusing what I can say is ‘Nice Try’ but dont confuse readers like me.

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