An Adorable Relationship

For the past months, I been writing blogs on friendship. Surprised readers?  Yeah it was a same thought for me also. As in the past months this relationship made me to forget all the pain that I have suffered in the past years. As such that was the year when I felt to myself that I was left alone in this world to survive and to save my family.

The essence of every relationship can be felt, when you are on to it. To me I only had very few friends from childhood to until I finished my Graduation. I craved for friends and their coveted love and admiration. But to me I got very few. Many considered money as their utmost important factor in that relationship. For me “Money” was the most deserved thing at that period. When friends go for a party, wherein I cant. Possiveness haunted me every minute,  Am I not worthy to be in their group?? But after a while I felt that “Hey!! I am still here in order to really live you have to be aware of your own mortality”, My mortality is to beat all these hurdles and push me beyond the extinct of possiveness which I am doing it still now. I achieved only 15% of what I have been dreaming to achieve.

Tentatively my view about friendship is been changed by some good people that I been lingered around for these past months. Everyone belonged to Sangam(Hope u guys have understood) have changed my perspective about friendship. I felt a openness in their thoughts, feeling of satisfaction and sense of dependability. To a sudden I realized their love and admiration. Wow!! that was a feel which I been waiting for almost 12 Years right from my childhood. The reason why I have tagged friendship with a relationship because when your relatives betrayed you, you have them to shoulder it for you. I have another hand(It has to be hands my friends, but it is not appropriate to use hands in this sentence). So I got no problem to treat a friend as a part of the relationship.

This week(09th & 10th) it was suppose’bly an unforgettable weekend in my walk of life. Learnt new aspects in life, the stubborness in getting their loved ones, desire to keep everyone happy, a new meaning for a friend and most important their affection. Hmmm!!! I feel that I can hold them as long as I can.

When you carve for something, When you get it. Certainly it will be too hard to loose. Similarly this new relationship I am not ready/willing to loose. Friends I can keep the beers Cold as long as you deserve to be. Hope you also want me to do the same.

Each words in this blog is dedicated to our friendship. Thanks everyone!!!

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