Leadership – A Human Touch

It made me to think weird why I have linked the essence of leadership & dictatorship. Although those two ideologies differ not only in perspective but also in the style of management. But today leadership styles followed by many leads me to think that it’s a sort of dictatorship. I feels leadership forces people to lead/follow by inspiration, where as its quite opposite to dictatorship. Where everything is forced to follow/lead in other terms reprobate boss.

What makes a leader is it his legacy or education or his passion to become a leader. Because most of the time I feel about leadership as a true art which used correctly can make magic. Nevertheless all these above mentioned desires makes a good leader. It will take us to the core which is the team member, unless or until you make a team member happy by your skills it doesn’t make you a good leader. A leader is a one who takes control of his team member life officially and not personally. As such now a days war at work also means personal implications. When we win I know of getting that feeling when we win, we defy death but not when we lose.

As a team everyone is in the hole the second they pick up they are right to the point! You are right above them! Let them feel it more confidence!! There are various style of leadership that has to be adapted by the leader based on the circumstances. The idea is that a true leader has to understand that he cannot have a single style of leadership working effectively on everybody also it has to be adopted with a human touch.

Motivation is a powerful tool to get you started on something. Ask yourself the question, “Where is my leverage?”. If you are overweight and you don’t wish to be anymore, that’s your leverage. If you are alone and wish to find a loving partner, that’s your leverage.  Use the leverage. When I first started my career, I excelled pretty quickly. It was only on my second or third time project that I tackled a 5.10a, no easy task for beginners. I felt that handling my team was enough to get better, and so that’s what I did. But my partner was busting his butt off and soon found himself surpassing me on the wall. Ah yes, my leverage right there, nothing like healthy competition. That was enough motivation for me to wake up a half hour before him(Internally) in order to excel him. Its about finding the leverage to give you the motivation to become your best self.

(Writting in progress…)


One thought on “Leadership – A Human Touch”

  1. This is so true, and it doesn’t matter what industry you work in. Twelve years ago, the owner of the company I work for told me pretty much the same thing and I only half believed him at the time. I slowly discovered that most people can’t imagine the future until they’re staring at it.

    This is fine if you’re talking about, because eventually, you’ll be able to show them the new product. Once they see it, they understand. But what if you need to generate support for your vision within your company? Verbal descriptions and powerpoint presentations simply don’t work. That works. People understand.

    Nice Work Buddy!!

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