Today I received an email from an anonymous user tagging it as “your loving friend” and the best part is the user used my gmail id. Instead of using his email id to mark the comments for my blog post. This blog is for “your loving friend” as he might visit my blog by tomorrow. I want to prove that his contridiction regarding my blog is wrong.

This is the comment I got from “your loving friend”

Your money making principle is also so simple like that. just write these types of unwanted blog and make people visit u r blog with curiosity. u make money by ads and the hits u get form this useless blog. first u stop this nonsense.

My friend I would like to clarify few things to you. First of all I am sharing my thoughts via my blog. I am not providing any advice to anyone through this blog entry “Money Making Principle”. Its totally my view towards the application that I have encountered with recently. Also I am not advising the reader to stop playing those games.

Secondly, I am not getting a single penny based on traffic or number of hits on my blog. How you can term it as a “complete nonsense”. I have sponsors who give me some penny for some blogs based on contents only and you might have noticed it in my blog I don’t have a link to make my reader to visit my sponsors link. The one in my blog is to support the global cause.

My friend finally if you want something to discuss with me. why can’t you give away your email id included in your comments. I know you are from Pune,India. So next time don’t just term everyone will follow same idealogy.

Thanks for the time spent in my blog. At least you have read my blog. I appreciate that.


4 thoughts on “Critics”

  1. Hi Ezhil!

    I think that WORDPRESS is not allowing ADSENSE so like me, I do not get a penny from my hits. Thus, I am sure that it is hard for someone to accuse us bloggers that we write just for money.

    It’s been months since I visited your blog and perhaps the best advice is to just let comments like this pass away. Let them be posted along with their usernames so they be known!

    One more thing is to get their IP ADDRESS from the console and save them for future tracing! I get comments like that as well. I just post them. Anyway, I write not for them. I just express!

    Why post their nasty comments? I let other people see how they think and I let people see their comments so they get what they want. Besides, we get more readers than critics! Right?

    Just write! I was the one that pushed you to write so I will push you again to do so. Amidst criticisms, you have to keep the faith and express yourlself! I get tons of like that! Hehehe.

    Ryan Ericson Canlas
    Speaking One’s Mind!

  2. Hi Ezhil,

    First time to read your blog dude and this is what I have say.

    1. Speak your mind
    2. Shout it loud
    3. No regrets

    So hell with those critics… JUST WRITE IT. Its the Wicked Wild World out there.

    Joseph Mercado

    1. Master, thanks for your comfort words. Learnt to speak my mind when I was in the philippines. You guys have given me how to express my mind and how to stand on it.
      Those days were unforgettable. Have to be proud that I have earned some good pal like you. Will speak my mind as always without concerning those critics.

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