Money Making Principle

Recently I came across an online gaming application in facebook called FARMVILLE & MAFIA WARS. I haven’t been to mafia wars to such extent. But for the past days been addicted to FARMVILLE.  It’s a very simple 2D online gaming which in attracts more than 11 million users every single day. Imagine the traffic and the number of hits facebook will be getting in hosting such kind of simple online gaming.

The concept is barely simple. You will be given a piece of land where in you have to plow, cultivate and harvest crops, fruits, grains, vegetables etc.., also you have a control of live stocks like cow,pig,chicken and duck. Each crops take time to grow before we harvest ranging from 4Hrs – 4 Days. What impressed me is the way they have designed the game to make the user visit their application quite often instead of downloading the game and finish them in one stance. The designer eyed for traffic and also profit in this aspect. It is so addicted that if you harvest strawberries which can be harvested in 4 HRS. It makes you to login to the facebook application within the speculated time to avoid the crops wither. It feels so stupid in the sense when we think that everything is virtual and nothing bothers you if the crops are withered. But some sense within you keeps on saying that you shouldn’t let the crops wither. This is what I call it as addiction.

Another aspect is how this addiction leads to spending another important aspect in life(Money). What impressed me was people getting addicted to these games also buy virtual coins & dollars by spending dollars. “Virtual Money for real money”. According to an online sources the estimated revenue are expected to be $2 billion dollars and this is expected to raise in the coming months. Hoooo… Imagine a gaming company spending billions of dollars to design a highly interactive 3D game but not getting much response from the customers. A simple online hosting yields you traffic & profit.

Finally, some simple ideology could yield you billions of dollars. Its not about complexity, but simplicity with varied perspective yields you expected result. So “Money Making Principle” might be simple sometimes but it has to be applied in a broader perspective with practical planning and implication.


One thought on “Money Making Principle”

  1. Your money making principle is also so simple like that. just write these types of unwanted blog and make people visit u r blog with curiosity. u make money by ads and the hits u get form this useless blog. first u stop this nonsense.

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