Venturing thru Struggles

After a long pause, I am here to blog again. To say “I miss blogging much” but because of my extreme work schedule & work pressure I couldn’t time to Blog an entry. This time I made my mind to write a blog. Soooooo here it is..

Everyone has struggles in their own life without struggles life wont be much anticipated as expected. But there is some stance in our own life wherein if you are still struggling to venture out from the struggle that a very bad symptom of under confidence, In order to avoid the above said thought some people overestimate things which can lead to disasterous results. But how to analyse things so as you are not underestimating or overestimating things. I feel I am evading out from the topic.


2 thoughts on “Venturing thru Struggles”

  1. ur true ezhil,i’ve been making this mistake in all my attempts. I feel so stupid for those moments….any way a nice blog to venture struggle even though u went out of topic finally…………………,bye

    1. Nice comment dheeptha & thanks too for it. Yea we make all these mistakes in our life. But after realisation either the sense of stupdity will prevail within ourself. But then again faced with same struggle and doing the same mistake is like “Circling around with the same solution for the same situtation” which most of them doesn’t realize.
      But after realization either we overestimate things or underestimate. still we might proceed with a question “Was this because of me???”, In the sense loosing hope. But at any stance things or situtations shouldn’t be overestimated.


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