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Happy 4th of July! US is celebrating its independence day. I was an usual late morning riser because of yesterday’s shopping spree. As i was having my yummy waffles for the breakfast. I was joined by my collegue. He is a business consultant from ireland working along with us for the same project. We had a very long talk in the morning discussing about work, weekend plans and everything. He reminded me that there will be a car show across downtown of worcester.

Surprised by the car show. I requested him to take me along with him. He agreed for it. Around 10:30 I received a call from him stating that whether i want to join with him for the car show. WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!! this was my internal feel after the invitation. We went to downtown of Worcester in his Chevrolet COBALT. It took us nearly 10 minutes drive to reach in there. Along the way there were too many gleaming beatuies passing by(In the sense i mean the CARSSSS). I cannot tolerate my feel to see lots of cars, cars and cars.

At the entrance i saw a 1967 Ford Mustang. Oh.. Gosh, its quite awesome. After a short turn all around were flashes of light. Till the reach of my sight there were cars, cars, cars and cars. Most of them i havn’t seen them on the roads. Evry car is not an hitech one all are old gleaming beauties. To name few of them 1958 classic chevrolet, 1972 Chevrole Kommando,1976 chevrolet constantia,1950 chevrolet sedan,1960 Ford GT,1974 ford galaxie,1950 ford crestliner,1952 ford country sedan,1938 Ford GW,1970 Ford Crossair,1951 ford crestliner,1978 Dodge omni,1927 Dodge Senior,1992 Dodge Viper,1994 Dodge Venom,1970 Dodge Pheonix. Ahhh… and lots more i couldn’t able to recognize all the models. There were almost more than 700 cars gleaming at you when you are passing by.

I went crazy and tried to take pictures of each car which interest me and the thing is I almost ran out of battery after nearly more than 435 snaps. This is my first time i took 435 snaps in a single swing. OOps!!! But i could resist my temptation, I was running all the way to checkout more cars to my surprise i amost covered 80% of the total cars parked in there. The one thing which interested me is the “Passion to maintain those cars”. To say, I had conversation with almost most of the car owners. They reminded me only one thing “They spent almost 10 times more than the price of the car”, But the conclusion is Its their passion. Also i got a short ride in 1960 Ford GT(My Favourite). Wow!!! the hurling sound of the engine, gleaming paint work, stainless steel aluminium works. The short ride was quite qwesome. I miss Ford GT now. Hehehe.

It was almost 6 hours. Now triedness kicked in, although my passion doesn’t wants me to rest. But my legs can barely move because of 6 hours of non stop walking. Finally we decided to give up and head back to hotel. The first thing i did after i reach my room was to write this blog as i keep on remembering the car models that i have seen. Although i forgot most of them. But i have the pictures of them.

It was an unforgetable memory in my life. Even though its short the feel that you get when looking at those cars is simply endless. Just thinking why cant i visit tomorrow also(Hehehe). Hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Cars Cars Cars”

  1. Yoh Buddy. I too was in the car show today. Its pretty awesome. But they only feature Ford, Chevy & Dodge. Next Month we have a car show in New Jersey i will confirm you the date. Watch it you will be astonished.
    Meet you there

  2. Hi James,
    I am proud of my words that i got a friend thru my blog(words). Tnx again for the invitation. Will meet u there shortly.
    Have a Great Day

    1. Hey Ez!! Its been a longtime before i visited shrewsberry, the car show was really good and too you got a ride in FORD GT that awesome. Keep posted

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