A Blog for a “WORD”?? !!

Is it wierd to write a blog for a word? Ofcourse why not!!!.  If my answer is that, Some may think i am crazy or in other term “maqulet”(as per my pal John Paul Buenaflor alias JP). Hope he doesn’t mind specifying his name in my blog. So this blog is for the word “MAQULET”.

Before i start craving my ideas. I like to reveal some facts about how i got this idea of writting a blog for a word. Well it was a drizzling thursday morning. As we all(to name Archi,Jyothi,John,Raman & me) were waiting at the lobby for the shuttle as it is delayed for almost half hour. All the three were about to hit three different states(Pittsburg, Washington DC,New Jersey) we were in discussion as usual. Usually i am bit more talktive to make everyone comfortable., sometimes when i mimic what everyone is talking. Where in i got a new name “maqulet” its a tagalog term for a guy who is crazy and talking about something which doesn’t convey any meaning(Hehehe… Am i right john?). Anyways to the point, John suddenly conveyed “Hey!! Ezhil why cant u write a blog on maqulet” at that instance i was thrown backward its not because of the question. Its because “We are in the shuttle”(Hahaha).

Thats the earliest i can remember, I remember nothing else about being three, and suddenly I’m four and it is time to go to work and thats what this blog is all about. I started researching in the internet to know more about that word. What i got is the one shown below.

wordEither the spelling might be wrong or the usage. Anyhow i feel that the word means the same. “The guy who keeps on blabbering something without any meaning or even without any defined situtation in specific”. I cant find any other specific meaning to write more in this blog. But for sure i will get the full refinement about the word and will update this blog.

I either do this as so my friends should feel comfortable with my presence. Also to give them some goodtime. Because with the current setup we feel comfortable among each other. It is really energetic to work with this team.

This blog is for our friendship guys.!!!!!


3 thoughts on “A Blog for a “WORD”?? !!”

    1. Tnx for your comments John!! I WIll change the spelling and thats why i cant get any meaning. Hehehe.
      But How Come John, How come its possible only by you.

  1. Hahaha. Nice one. In the meantime have you gone crazy? as i see no such blog posts that are really motivated like NY TRIP.
    Try posting some blogs with good content.

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