NY Trip

It was a big surprise yesterday when my collegue suddenly planned for a NY trip. The biggest surprise of all is the enegry that new york city brings within you, a chance of witnessing people from all walks of life and above all the taste of money(feel of how money speaks the language of money, richness, lavourishness).

From Boston its almost 31/2 hour drive. No issues with the duration of drive as several sexy cars will pass by and its really a fun to watch all the cars passing you by and sometimes passing by the other cars. The Gushing wind will bring you several past memories, which are still an internal motivation within me. We been to City Cruises which drives you around NY for 2 hours. Ofcourse it will be a pleasent site seeing for most of them, where in a voice recording gives you an overlay of behind the scenes of those monumental buildings.

My thought process and my ambition went to a new height after been there in the cruises. It taught me to change my ambition in life to deserve for even more. The new ambition started lingering within me from yesterday that is pushing me more to dererve and to gain. My mind feels that “It is far more not reachable” but my heart pushes me to deserve for it. I realised yesterday whats the difference between a thought process when its been destigned by heart and the same by the mind. I have a refinement at what stage do i have to engulp the thoughts from my mind and from my heart.  I learnt to think one step ahead of what i really want in my life. —- Self learning & Self motivation from the trip will always be a mile ahead.

If you ask me what’s that ambition, at this present moment i dont have any answers with me. For all a motivation in their life will be someway around like this trip, but for me its taught me one step ahead to motivation. As its my destiny where my family and me will be in the near future.


3 thoughts on “NY Trip”

  1. Assuming you made it, I just wanted to add one additional step: perseverance and tenacity.

    When everyone and everything finally beats you down – and it will happen – tenacity is what will force you back up, and perseverance will drive you to try again.

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