Its around 2A.M in the morning as i was watching “GodFather” movie. Which i have planned to watch so long before. In midst of the movie, i got a call in my mobile. Since there is been no number flashed in the screen. I answered my call quite formally, On the receivers end there were complete silence for 30 seconds. I keep on saying “Hello, hello, Hello” can u hear me and all other formal way of answering the phone. Atlast i got a reply from the receivers end, the reply was “Hello, this is Ganesh Prabhu. Can i speak to Mr.Ezhilvel”. I guessed the voice at the very first instance and it was him.

We had a call for almost 2 minutes, but the signal is too weak as i couldn’t hear anything from the receivers end and i too dont want to annoy him as he is calling from his mobile phone, which costs around PHP 15.00/minute. So i confronted him to terminate the call, so i can  call from my skype account, at that instance i was out of my mind that i dont have a skype account credited till yet. Also i dont have enough load in my mobile to leave him a text message even. 

After the call it reminds me our days during the college. I had my graduation in K.S.R College of Tech, Erode. its too far from business capital i.e. chennai. The advent of Internet and mobile phones are picking up pace at that time. The year was by 2002. I was not too good at programming during those days, Its all one man show. His name is S.Arun, to say he is really an expert in c/c++ programming. He can do all sort of gimmicks in c++ programming. The friend i mentioned above is my next roll number. Most of the time we are amazed by his skills and the way he execute his programs. Even the professor will verify his program first to check with the rebudancy of the other programmers. To Say Shortly “He is the dominator of the entire class”. Its around 3 years. No one can shake his agility in c/c++ programming. Even today i cant do well in c++ programming. Hehehe

Its the time during our last semester, we were introduced to “Java Programming”. The professor alloted for the java sessions demands everything to be practical. Everything that been thought were entirely dependent on programming and not for the semester thing. It created a special interest in me to learn more about java. So thats the turning point in my life. i started spending time in the practical labs and libraries to get more information about Java. There also comes an breakthrough my uncle asked me casually that why can i do a project to his school entitled “Intranetworking management System” using Java. That’s a pretty big surprise for me. I started thinking up myself that the knowledge i do currently have fits to deliver a project. 

Finally i made up my mind. I went straight ahead to my proffessor and confessed to him about the requirements. He gave a bunch of ideas, i started refining them as per priorities. Referred some project management books at the library. I was unaware of whats the standard procedure at that point. so i finally decided to do the project using Servlets and socket programming in java. The only source for me during those days were “Java – The complete reference” and “The Bible for Java”. I started programming with all the possible methods that has been specified in the project. I have spent may sleepless nights for the project. Almost demonstrated two days once the developement. atlast after 2 months of hard struggle i got the first version of the project.

I complied them as an War file. The project is entirely about controlling a client computer from the server within an intranetwork. During first demo i cannot maintain more than 5 client at the same time. because of bad multithreading. I haven’t even have no idea to use Java IDE’s. Everything was created in Notepad. Debugging is quite hard as i have to scan line by line for errors. So i refined the program and after 4th demo. Its was working as expected. The first check i got for that was Rs.3000. I was pretty happy, when i got that amount in my hand. That’s the ever driving force within me until now.  I gave my first pay to my Mom. She was very happy.

After that point of time. The professor treats us also as a good programmers. Also the C++ Genius will also ask clarifications to me. As my code is entirely concerned on proper OOPS usage. For eg i will finish the program in 100 lines, when he takes 175 lines to finish. That gives me a satisfication “I have deserved, what i dreamt for 3 years in my college graduation.

(Writting in progress. As its around 3A.M in the morning…)


2 thoughts on “A RECAP”

  1. you are right in bringing back the memories and i could relate and remember the happenings myself..

    Good blog.. Keep writing..

    Your friend and class mate


    1. My Friend!!!

      Tnx for the comment. Its always been a pleasure in remembering the past memories. That really made me to do a blog entry.
      Those moments are priceless.

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