When apple made the launch of MacBook Pro for some time now. Its crazy all round about the innovative features.  . Ever since the laptop made it’s appearance on tech blogs all over the world is the spotlight of New year & Christmas. I read reviews, bookmarked blog posts and awaiting to lay hands on it.

Then I have to ask myself. Am i really fond of it? or I am totally freaking out by it?. Quite obsessive right. At my hometown when someone hears such an argument. They will voice out like .. Why cant u marry it? If its been your favourite. It freaks us even more. LOL. Built with huge amount of computing power, flash based hard drives and inherent minimalist cuteness will let me own one. That is because in-between the Apple and yours truly stands a force that is immovable, inflexible and utterly asympathetic. Like a Spartan screaming around(Effect of 300 Movie). Hehehe.

Its the generation wherein each family in the whole world would have one computer per family either desktop or a laptop, Few High end mobile phones including HTC or an iPhone, a gaming console PSP,PS1,PS2 and now PS3 absolutely no chance of a portable gaming thing like the PSP. All those things would be redundant, uncalled for and “eating our time”. Now a days does not believe in “wasting money” on any gadget, in anyway whatsoever, is redundant. hehehe.

Consider this

1. Bluetooth Mouse? – Not until my USB mouse or touchpad is broken 

2. Call of Duty 5? – My answer is if i have a call of duty 4. Have they changed the interface on Call Of Duty5? Let me get it once they give a suppliment game along with Call Of Duty5. 

There are times when i got a PS2. After i am tired of finishing a level, i will try to find a cheat code over the internet to finish my PS2 games and facilitate purchase of new ones. After months of tireless effort currently our home languishes with bunch of PS2 games, a Desktop, 2 External HDD’s, a portable DVD player, a digicam. As i am a technical freak at that time. The only expensive gadget that i have at my home is my mom’s HTC Touch Cruise. For many days and nights I thought this gizmo aversion was a foible unique.The most complete gadget store I know in Dharmapuri. It may not have the esoteric, “sourced from secret Shanghai market”. But the store is large, roomy, filled to the brim with tech and use thankfully few plastic-sticker-aluminium-foil cellphone mockups.

But then as I walked around the store checking out computers, computer speakers, universal remote controls (sigh), and gaming consoles I noticed something that quickly turned out to be a trend. I was in greenbelt last sunday and checking out some gadgets in Mac Store for my friend. As i dont have a mac.Guys trying to prove to their girlfriends/significant-others why they need to buy tech stuff, and pathetically failing in the attempt.

All around the Mac Store young men, geeks glimmering in their eyes, try to hustle their partners next to devices they fancied. They then extolled virtues of the device only to have the women beat their reasoning into pulp each time.

Here is the conversation so loud by the partner. I just specfying here as a friendly gesture.

Boy: Wow A plugin for MacBook Pro with media output to TV. Imagine I can just directly stream a video file right into our TV without writing CDs or anything. Just for $100 Dollars. It supposed to be nominable.
Girl: But you don’t have any video files. Besides when would you watch them?
Boy: Well I watch DVDs when you go late home
Girl: Which ones?
Boy: Action Movies! 
Girl: Yay! I love dramas ! Let’s buy one. We can both sit and watch everyday all cuddled up.
Boy: Can we check Macbook Air for You??
Girl: Where where? 
Boy: Phew(Relieved).

After the conversation conversation have opened my eyes.  It is a universal phenomenon. I feel a little guilty for having seen  in such bad light for so long. It is not her fault at all. Maybe, just maybe, responsible, geeks are wired that way. Including me..I, in the meantime, will go home, switch on TV and watch a movie.

So are you really a tech freak. Cast in your Vote and participate in my Poll.. Thanks


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