Every professional has some problems in his professional life. The majority of them see the obstacles and only very few see opportunities. A professional who sees through solutions instead of just problems can be a difference maker. Thats a real thump of a professionalism.

obstacle-raceProfessionalism generally means how solution oriented you are. In respect to professionalism problem are a mere matter of prespective. Project obstacles, setbacks, and failures are simply parts of project life, You cannot avoid them. But that does not mean you have to allow them to become problems. The best thing you can do is to meet them with a solution-oriented mind-set. Curiosity, imagination, creativity, drive and determination, passion, persistence and a positive attitude applied to a solution oriented mindset are all essential attributes of a successful professional(Which i leaarnt it from my previous practice manager)

All problems are solvable.  Some of the great problem solvers have been inventors. If i want to be solution oriented, then i must be willing to cultivate that attitude in myself too. Involve your people, brainstorm, discuss, ask the experts.

Take responsibility for the circumstances. It forces me to realize that i am where i am as the result of the choices i made, choices that may have been limited by my knowledge and understanding, but choices i’ve made nonetheless. Generally success is the sum of our knowledge and our effort. Once we realize that our circumstances are the result of our knowledge and our efforts, an awakening occurs. Once we accept this self-evident truth, all things become possible. With different knowledge and new behavior, we’ll get different results. Curiosity and creativity, innovation and initiative, passion and persistence, drive and determination and a positive attitude, characteristics essential to success, are all natural outcomes that stem from this basic premise.

 Problems either stop me or stretch me.  I believe that many project obstacles will look or small to me according to whether i am  large or small. Problems either hurt you or help you. Depending on how you approach them, they will stop you from succeeding or stretch you so that you not only overcome them, but also become a better person in the process. The choice is yours.

How do you look at life? Do you see a solution in every challenge or a problem in every circumstance?. I just give you some key points which i have learnt it from my experience.

1. I never give up

2. If i haven’t succeded in a startegy. I will rethink my strategy

3. Reevaluating the strategy countless number of times, will pay you result. As there is no sure that every startegy will suceed at the very first time.

4. I always keep focus on my goal & strategy.

At the same moment that one person wants to say, “I give up”, someone else is facing the same situation is saying, “What a great opportunity” – A Saying. The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Get out of the box of your typical thinking.

Please don’t be focused on problems, be focused on solutions and transmit positivism within yourself. Life is not easy, project are not easy but it is possible to achieve more than what you are for.

From my Personal Experiences.



  1. Just love hearing about success stories like this. It has always been motivating to know that what ever we as humans put our minds too can be accomplished. The only thing that can stop oneself is one’s self!
    Nice Post da.

  2. Excellent post! Thanks so much for the reflective insight. I’ve just been going down that same thought-provoking road. I’ve started a company with a great partner, and we are both sellers, rchitects(software) and great coders. I enjoyed the similarities in our stories.
    Also…is there anyway I coauld ask you a couple of questions (because I’m sure you get very few!)? When you first started, what were your general operating procedures, and how did you evaluate potential procedures? Did you ever turn down because you thought an offer would ”drag you down”?
    My friend is an MBA candidate and he said some of the best bloggers asked other banner individuals how they do things (non-competitors of course). And you, obviously, are a banner person to ask these questions. Maybe I’ll win the lottery pick today!


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