I got a Call today morning by 6:00AM  and guess who was in the call its Robert Kiyosakiauthor of  Rich Dad & Poor Dad. A record breaking bestseller. Imagine what state i will be when i was in the call.

Well, the purpose of the call is i have mailed him few months before to outline about his secret of success to get rich. Ofcourse its a big mantra and no any definite template is available to ‘get Rich’. Its entirely based on personal satisfication and dedication. Its just a ten minutes call. But the information and the lessons learnt are huge.

Here i am specfying it as a bulleted points

1. The level of dedication that he has within himself to ring up a guy who emailed him just for a sake of clarification.

2. During the call the energy within him exhaled, when exposing the ideas about the program and what it can bring me. How well it will change your life. The factors to look to get rich.

3. Also i have noticed a “Art of Conversation” during his call, like how he spilts the time excatly to address each issue of the caller.

4. During the Mid way in the conversation. I expressed that i dont have adequate time to attend the training. I can feel some sort of dissatisfication within his talk. I shouldn’t have specified him that. But i was in a sleeping mode by that time. 

These are all the added postive vibe that has created within me after a short call with the great motivator. Might be this is the template to Get Rich? that he is expressing it indirectly.


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