The Title for the blog might be agressive. Generally “Thump” enbounds lots of meaning like Hit with a blunt object, A muffed sound, To Strike with a heavy blow. Out of these i choose “To Strkie with a heavy Blow”, Why? As the title means “The Thump of the Driving Force”. Driving force refers to the internal force that exists within each person or in other mean “Fuel to his actions”. So it has to be a strking force internally that has to tick every minute in his life. In other sense it has to be “The Internal Striking Force”.

From the start i have been referring to “Driving Force”  what is it? Well, that i call it as “Motivation” . Motivation comes by various means Influenced by Person,achievement, advancement, recognition and responsibility. My Stance is i got motivated by my responsibility, By a collegue at workplace and my commitment.

It can be best demonstrated by an example


montazs11I haven’t been doing as well as I had hoped. I find myself extremely rusty at math and english when i started my career. I realized that it just takes a little bit of practice and that’s not the hard part, the hard part is the motivation to do so. From all of my fellow collegues who have thought about achievement, many have not for the same reason I procrastinated for so long, a lack of motivation.

We all make good money, there’s no deadlines, there’s no added incentive, no bonus, no nothing. We went through the school thing and it was hell on earth, and now we’ve been out in the workforce, let us enjoy the freedom of now. And that is totally understandable, but what if you wanted more challenge? To take on bigger, harder, newer things? How do you motivate yourself to do that?

Motivation is a powerful tool to get you started on something. Ask yourself the question, “Where is my leverage?”. If you are overweight and you don’t wish to be anymore, that’s your leverage. If you are alone and wish to find a loving partner, that’s your leverage.  Use the leverage. When I first started my career, I excelled pretty quickly. It was only on my second or third time project that I tackled a 5.10a, no easy task for beginners. I felt that handling my team was enough to get better, and so that’s what I did. But my partner was busting his butt off and soon found himself surpassing me on the wall. Ah yes, my leverage right there, nothing like healthy competition. That was enough motivation for me to wake up a half hour before him(Internally) in order to excel him. Its about finding the leverage to give you the motivation to become your best self.

If you’ve got great ideas, use them. Don’t let them fade away because there’s a lack of motivation to start. Most people have no trouble starting things, its finishing that’s the problem. Do you know anybody like that? Great starters, poor finishers. Maybe you can relate to it yourself. Not sure what type of leverage you can use? Perhaps you need to sit down and write out some of your goals and aspirations. Or, you could watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” or “Two for the Money”. I can tell you one thing about these movies, after I watched it I had enough leverage to tell me that i should be motivated similar to them in those movies.

Although I already knew it, it was a nice reminder Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the pants or a role model to find motivation. Maybe you were inspired by some great piece of art, or a friend who is currently doing really well for themselves. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage and get the ball rolling. You’ll find that once you have the ball rolling you’ll have a good momentum to carry forward with your actions.

Sometimes you won’t see the fruits of your labour for many years. Sometimes you may never see it. But that definitely shouldn’t deter you from trying. How can you help others motivate themselves? Encourage them and support them to find the things that they wish to do. I get sad when I hear people slink away from their dreams because they have “too many responsibilities” now. Sadly, I know far too many people in that position and I wish I didn’t. Of course, we don’t believe those lies for a second. We know better

When someone asks me hey u are going too fast to achieve your ambition. My reply will be “Life is a race and i am running for victory and not to lose because of a thought that i am too fast”.Like a Formula 1 race, when winner are decided by 0.001 seconds. From where you can understand the vibe of time.  Even a negative thought like the one i said above shouldn’t demotivate me to reach my destignation.

The Final Stance is “I need to achieve of what i have to achieve“.



  1. Ezhil,
    After reading this blog I remember this eternal truth that people who have overcome obstacles are more secure than those who have never faced them. It takes very strong determination to achieve and it was worth the effort.
    The idea conveyed are very energetic. Keep up the good work always

  2. Hi Ezhilvel Elangovan. I am James From New Jersey.
    Another great insightful post Cubes.Really sound advice. Keep up these awesome post. I was planning on writing something along these lines for the blog but now I think I will just forward my readers to this! i too like your Maiden Rush – A good Friend Can Change your thought & Miles to go before i sleep.

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