A sudden thought during my lunch time, when we are comparing about high tech gadgets in the present and past, and not sure of what the future will bring in.. I am too unaware of where “We will be in the future”

Eventually this thought lead me to a sequence of thoughts, which i want to share with you all.

I too aware that “The internet is the present and the future and the paper is the past.” Talk about closed minded.

Although finding the right balance is not going to be easy. The problem isnt that newspapers(Past) are dying, its that newspapers have a cost structure that prevent them from fluidly adjusting to the marketplace. They cant price based on demand or on the value of what they print and deliver. Unlike the digital world,because of legacy agreements, they have to fight for every change in their work environment which puts them at a huge disadvantage.I know, and I believe all of us who have fully integrated all the digital media options available to us into our lives also know, what we like to watch, read or listen to on our laptop, desktop, phone, TV, PDA and radio.

I dont want to read more than 2 pages on an internet site. Given the choice of reading a 3 page article from a PC or from paper. Give me paper every time. Which is why I continue to subscribe to and purchase paper based products.Although one might say that usage of papers might lead to environmental distruction. For them plz note i am not talking here about Environmental awareness. Its about present, past and future.

I too agree everyone is in digital mode for more than 10 hours in a normal workday and its too even worse for me that there are times under which i have been sitting infront of my laptop 18 – 20 hours. Well that my work life and i love to do it. Eventually everyone has to be in any form of digital mode ie PDA’s to check their mail. This again contradicts are we still dependent on technical gadgets???? 

Then I go through the non essential things that I want to stay informed about or that I might find interesting. For me, this is where newspapers and maagzines come in. I can grab a bite to eat or can take a walk and read about things that are interesting to me. Its a break from a digital screen, and for anyone who spends their day working around digital screens knows what I mean. You need a break, but are still in work mode. Hehehe.. LOL!!! If Im watching TV, i dont want to have to know what Im looking for, I want to channel surf. Im not going to go on a website to find video to entertain myself., thats far too much work and its not enough of a pay off. If I need to get out of the house, go out with my wife, family, or friends, then Im going to a game,movie, park to disengage as much as I can. I do my best to try to find the best balance of all the above.

As long as i argue it will still be undone. let i make a quick comparsion 

Past: During our early times ,when your life is all about you. You are responsible to yourself. Each step is a sort of learning curve. Most of our times has been wasted in trying to make friends and finding girlfriends. But some point when we think of about our life. Where we want to be Next. So its the phase when we seek of some digital media’s. At this stage money worths more than time as we need to get Highend PDA’s and a personal laptop or desktop for our self learning.

Present:Once you are settled in a Job, which you love it to the most. After which we decide “What’s our goal & Ambition”, “Where i want to go today?“, What i want to accomplish and finally serious to achieve that ambition., but at that point in time, we recognize that we have to use our time and resources to reach those goals. So how digital media comes to play here.

Future: We may predict a future. But as in the world is growing at a rate of 125% in terms of technology. No one can predict what a future can bring in.. Might be Surprises!!!



  1. Good logical thinking Ezhil. Why can’t you brief them even more. so we can make this as our next coloumn

  2. Here’s my comment. It might be too long

    Newspapers/Internet & Paper/Digital Media: In a few years we’ll have digital interfaces that equal the pixel quality of real-life paper. This will force convergence, not a dichotomy, as you point out. Some old-school newspaper companies will go digital on OLED interfaces. The biz models have yet to be figured out, but one thing’s for sure – the web will spread out into the world. – As things accelerate we’ll get unprecedented convergence that will disrupt many people’s long-term and short-term linear predictions.
    your Consumption Hierarchy – I like how you’ve layed that out. It’s very pyramid shaped. I find that I and many of my peers engage in exactly the same sequence of info assimilation. Wonder if someone’s converted such observations into theory. It’s a useful model.
    The line between Learning & Real-World consumption styles – That’s very valid and helps to explain why new ideas diffuse most quickly among youth, then spread upwards. When you look at a lot of web apps, especially social stuff like MySpace and Facebok, you see that these are adopted broadly among youth and then only later do the older generations jump on board. Thus, the young with disposable time can do the initial hunting, and the older time-strapped vets can do the vetting.
    Very useful post.

  3. Wow! Really inspiring. And, actually, educating ideas. You know, I looked at this and didn’t even notice how time goes by, reading this..

    familiar feeling – time goes ..

    Many thanks, Ezhilvel Elangovan, for this post! You write this, as I could imagine, knowing that who wants it – will read it. Who doeasnt, will not read. and possibly who will read it already knows much of this. at least a bit. in my philosophy it’s hard to understand anything if you don’t know background. hard to tell short, but I hope you understand what I mean something like you said about knowing the industry. and hard work. etc. (its 1 AM here for me. crazy, but sooo interesting! maybe not crazy, just hard to find right words.. hope you understand, just amazed!)

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