Am i Right?
Am i Right?

Its been almost a week before i started writting a blog. I finally decided to post a blog today


It was almost 12:30 PM Noon. But I could not bring myself to write about any of the topics that lay in waiting in my notebooks, desperate for the chance to spring to life on the computer screen.

Elephants, I thought.  I’ll write something witty about elephants.

Two seconds later, I scratched that idea.  Elephants don’t use computers – we haven’t invented keyboards large and durable enough to work for elephants.   And we all know that elephants are afraid of mice.

Seagulls, I thought after a moment.

Three seconds later, I scratched that idea.  Seagulls are scavengers, they’re a bit dirty, and they poop everywhere.  What’s so funny about that?  Although i haven’t expereinced any seagulls. But i know about its characteristics after started watching NGC & Discovery Channel

Spring, I thought.  Spring has finally sprung.

Four seconds later, I killed that idea, too.  As its summer season here in makati and long weekend too awaits us. I felt stupid in discussing about Spring.. Hehehe

TV shows, I thought.  Lots of people watch TV.

Five seconds later, I started looking for yet another topic.  , I had to remind myself that I wasn’t an entertainment blogger.  Sigh.

Social media, I thought.  I can always seem to pull a social media post out of the hat.

:: big, long, huge pause:: Um, OK, not this time.

After a lot of thought about blogging, it occurred to me that the whole concept of niches and focus certainly has its advantages.  Picking and marketing yourself as an expert, an authority that people can return to over and over again and all that jazz – it certainly helps to attract a few readers.

But what if you don’t have a product to sell?  A reputation to build?  Affiliate links to push?  Does sticking to a niche really matter?

Does a blogger have to stay in character all of the time, even if they aren’t a personal blogger?  Or if they are, for that matter?  Can they veer around on their subject matter, follow wisps of thought, ideas, and entertainment as their whims dictate?

Sure they can!

However, their readers might not follow along.  After all, certain expectations were set that led the reader to become a member of the audience.  If those expectations are not met, the implicit understanding and agreement between author and reader could be considered null and void.

All of which goes to explain that while I may dabble in humor, a few minor (but hopefully relevant) tidbits about my personal life, some of my geeky hobbies, etc., I probably won’t deviate much from my core subjects and persona (whatever those are!)

Well, I guess I’d better start writing a blog post.  This one won’t do at all.



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