I am really pressuring myself for nearly two weeks about my career swing. There are lots of factors and issues that has to be considered before doing a career swing. Atlast i decided to clarify this congestion to one of my collegue and fellow blogger.

 Dream or Real??

The discussion we had was quite good it’s like breifing him my issues and concerns. The suggestions he conveyed me was quite valuable.

When we are discussing it quite seriously.. I mean to say seriously he prompted me with a question “Where do you want to go today?”. I was annoyed for a moment, why he is asking me with such a question. But later it really came to my complete view. The career swing shouldn’t be either by Influencing or just as a means of swing(Do u get that). It should be your passion to work with such profile. You should have a clear cut idea of what u r doing. Analyze the future oppourtunites. If all these aspects quench your verge then you can call for a career swing. Its now clear to me why such question is prompted at the first.

The Second suggestion was “Read a Lot”. Not like usual reading a bookworming thing. Its like compare your ideas and suggestions with an expert. Read discussion forums, post your ideas. Then i qustioned myself Will that be useful? yeah ofcourse it is. When i shared this issue with my collegue, i got his prespective. But the issues he conveyed feels to me quite opposing, If i opposed him based on my view. its useless. I too learnt, in argument or discussion dont expect everything to be in favour of you. If so, then there is no point in a argument. 

As we “learn From Mistakes” . Y i have posted my suggestion in my blog? its because most of them might have an idea for a career swing, for all those just reconsider yourself before making a finalized decision.

(Will keep on updating…). Feel free to leave ur suggestions. All of your suggestions are valuable. So which i can update my post with your suggestions



  1. Here is my comment

    I have underwent ABAP Programming 2 years ago. but after that i haven’t got enough opportunities, so i have to switch my carrer there again. you have to be cautious when you are going for a career swing. You can have a certification instead which will be a highlight in your resume.
    but dont try to change your career entirely from Java to SAP. this shouldn’t mean that i am against your ambition. In the sense i am conveying you to think ahead

    1. I cant agree with you deepthi. It doesn’t make sense at all. He can still add your comments in his blog. But practically, career swing is not like a giant swing like switching from java to sap, there are lots of implications of java with sap. he might suggest to go for that option. so it depends upon each persons prespective.

      1. priya.. its a pretty blunt statement. we just dont want to argue in here, as its is not a discussion forum. its blog response. If you read my comment you will be aware of what i have tried to convey.
        Its more over my experiences and thought that i have came along. i haven’t adviced anyone not to go for a career change, my sense is “Think of Ahead” that my last word in my comment. don’t think that my reply is quite abusive. I just want to convey the issues that bothered me. Hope you might understand this.

        1. Hey Deepthi. I am not against your comment and though its not a blunt statement. what i have conveyed is the fact that i cant completely agree with your response.I made it pretty bit clear that “career swing depends on each person prespective” … :D. Hope you might understand…. 🙂

            1. Girls… Girls…

              Chill Out. We can have a discussion forum if you need to discuss about this topic. Why we need to get hard feelings for this. We can settle this by a quiet conversation..
              Agreed! or Not?

  2. Thanks Deepthi for your valuable suggestions and comments. Well the reason why i have posted this blog is for the readers to clear their confusions which i have went through for nearly a week

  3. As far my experience it will be better if you have a hands on experience in an ERP. It can be of any, specifically not SAP. it gives company enough bandwidth to choose candidates as you know the process in detail.
    My Suggestion: If you update the blog with more info on why a career change is needed it will be easier for the reader to get the purpose of the blog. again its just a suggestion

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