I too, am not sure about it. When i asked it to Ryan this is his reply

Sometimes a good literary piece need not to contain words or paragraphs so it can be treated as an article conveying a message

This is an allibi. So he is Right as Representation might speak louder than words



  1. i too agree with that. but not always “representation speaks louder than words. have u heard about “Silence is worth ever than representation or expression”
    It might be a form of allibi. But that not true always. Expression might be of various form

  2. I agree with Ezhil and with Deepa! Expression is so vital regardless of format. As I said… learn when to speak, learn when to write, learn when to use pictures and learn when to simply have a pause and use silence as an expression itself.

    Words when spoken is so powerful that it can launch wars. On the other hand, the pen remains mightier than the sword. I know too that a picture can paint a thousand words but silence is one of the most effective and strong statement one can have.

  3. i agree with your ideology ryan ericson canlas. its exactly what i was about to convey. u have stated them more precisely.
    i have too read your blogs at most of the posts are admiring. i haven’t posted in any comments as i haven’t known to you formally so as why i am using this reply post to convey this message.

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