Usually i get bunch of thoughts running in my mind, when i am all alone or just before going to bed. I was lying in my bed yesterday, just thinking of something that creates a fine tune and a perfect essence of life. As of with the blog header “Scrambled Thoughts About Life” as such because once all those scrambled thoughts is been refined. U can literally feel the essence of life that’s been created within you.

I always dislike gambling and would not want to ahve any gambling luck. i believe that a person’s luck is limited and i don’t want to use up any of them on gambling but reserve them for other purposes. I realised that i am so wrong. I want Luck, Luck in gambling!!!!!

Recently i have learnt a lot about gambling during the thesis submission, while i was doing a research of probablity and how its been used in parallel with Information Technology.

But it drolled me to think of something about “Gambling in Relationship” . It all basically starts with a question “What is Relationship???” “How long will it last?””. As far as i have learned from the laws of physics, as per Newton’s first law state that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same velocity unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. It feels drastic to me that why i am comparing relationship with Newton’s First Law. But as i have researched about in details. I got the core in linking relationship with newton’s First Law. Here it goes………

In ordiance with newton’s First law when applied to relationship, the law can be entacted like this “A relationship will last as long as there is no external factor. How is one going to know if there will be any external factor in the future? No one will know, and in fact, there is a gamble! Relationship is the greatest gamble of life. If this is the case, I want as much gambling luck as possible and we will have this luck or rather we call this as faith – We have Faith. It can be applied to all sort of relationships. Like the one i have compared below.

Why do people want to marry? I want to marry a girl because i felt that i want to be with her and why not with a girl whom so ever i met in all the phases of life. although the girl i met might have a good feminie figure(Don’t get me wrong, its just an expression of my thoughts). That will make me to think that those are just shallow things that will be gone in no time. Yesterday you may have it, but tomorrow is a question marh. “I want to marry a girl because i can’t live without her” only because of this thought we two will be gettting married. Ofcourse, when i said “can’t live without you” doesn’t mean that without you, without you with me, life isn’t the same anymore.. nothing to look forward to and everything is dead at heart.

You might be wondering what will be the conclusion of this blog. it can be endless, but there is a fullstop for everything that we come across life and here are those

Relationship is the greatest gamble of life



  1. this is one of favourite ezhil. my other favourites are
    1. Train Of Thoughts
    2. Influenced???
    3. Remembering people

    I hope this one & Train of thoughts, Influenced are the one which deserved you an oppourtunity

    1. Tnx on behalf of representing me. There are two persons who i have to thank. They are
      1. Ryan Ericson Canlas
      2. You.

      Thanks Again

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