Its a feel, that when you are fond of writting and you dont get any spare time to write a blog.. Thats quite crazy. Well the reason is i have downloaded a bunch of alpacino’s movies to get me busy this weekend. So when i thought of writting it suddenly came to my mind to share some of alpacino’s movie that i have watched this weekend

The List of Movies Include

1. Two For the Money.

2. 88 Minutes.

3. The Insider.

4. The Recurit.

5. Ever Favourite “God Father” – 3 Sequences

To say something in short he brings into scene a sort of liveliness in the character. If u have watched two for the money, his acting is damn appealing. He brings enegry to the movie.

Dont get me crazy with this post. I just imagined in expressing my thought. To say its just a thought.


13 thoughts on “ALPACINO WEEKEND”

  1. I am too fond of alpacino movies. If we open a discussion forum, i will be the first to argue with u regarding alpacino. is that all movie ur fav?

    1. Yeah sure.. Thats a good idea though. I will sort out some options for the discussion forum.
      Tnx for that

    1. Dude, I have specifed here about the competency. Its just a post about the list of alpacino movies i saw this weekend

      1. Eg.. If u watch 88 Minutes. Its lags in story. But his unique acting will make us remain in our seats. Try that

  2. First i thought tht this blog will be so crazy. After lots of comments in an instance i posted this blog. It makes me to feel why i can write blogs in similar to the above aspect
    Hehehe Carzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy

      1. Hey will you stop teasing me. I specified in the blog that even it feels crazy to me, when i was writing this blog

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