Its a un mentionalbe thought, when i was rushing myself to office today in spite i am already late by an hour. I had all these thoughts running in my mind quite weiredly.

DaVinci's Way of Expressing the Influence.. I am not so talented like Da Vinci!!!
DaVinci's Way of Expressing the Influence.. I am not talented like Da Vinci!!!

I have wondered most of the time,that  how some people you have never interacted with or not even heard about but just seen passing by through your everyday life make a difference in your life?

They may just be people who stand with you in your MRT Station, or those who just pass by when you are waiting for your cab, or people you see standing by their apartment everyday when you drive through their lane on the way to work. Without your knowledge they become a part of your routine and then when you don’t see them some day you wonder what happened?

I can name… well… I can’t, cause i don’t know their names, So.. I can right now think of so many people I relate to in this manner.I work in a building where thousands of employees work. It was a drastic change for me as before this, I used to work in a building with around 1000 employees.

Though I hadn’t had one on one interaction with all of them, I knew most of them by name, how they are as people through a word of mouth or by speaking a word or two with them. But now being in a workplace with thousands working in your building and at any point of time you see hundreds of people at the 12th Floor, its different. But in their own way, even without a word being exchanged so many of them have become a part of my everyday life. 

The people in the MRT who are busy catching up on their sleep that they missed cause they had to catch an early one, The people who are up in the canteen eating breakfast, that they couldn’t fit in during the hurried up morning, or even the ladies who are freshening up and getting ready in the rest room,The people in the lift who are as lazy as me to take the stairs, All of them are a part of my routine.

I neither know their names nor have I ever heard their voices but still feel I know them cause I see them everyday. 

Like a girl next to my apartment, I don’t know her name,neither do i know how much older she is to me.. nothing. I just know he is too much of a morning girl! I refer to him as “josh girl”. I know its a funny lingo but nevertheless.

Everyday , early in the morning she hums all the song that is played on the radio or most of the time her iPod and laughs out loud to all the jokes the RJ makes, when everyone around her is sleepy. Looking at her I feel like switching to a happy song on my ipod nano this gets me pepped up in the morning.

Its like these patterns you see in people, their friends, the people they are comfortable with, how happy they are while talking to their friends from every corner of the building in the canteen. Now that its been two months in the new office I can tell who is friends with who atleast w.r.t 1/5th of the people who work there.

Anyways the reason for writing this entry was that I wanted to know if I was the only fool who notices such things w.r.t people? Am I the only person who lets strangers become a part of her routine? I wonder.At the end of it all you don’t need names to remind you of people its just their mannerisms.

But its these nameless people who helped me get used to the new office during the days I used to miss my old work place.Familiarity is all it takes to make you comfortable in any new place. BTW, there in a dearth of good looking girls even in a building of thousands . Hahaha


9 thoughts on “INFLUENCED???”

  1. Hi Ezhil. i hope that i have spelled ur name correctly. by the way i came across ur blog posts and it was quite good. the thoughts that u are conveying. It rocks!! keep up the good work

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