Touching Inspiration!!!!

As I was reading the book “Contact” by carl Sagan Last Night and I came across a sentence “And she began dreaming about sounds – as people who are blind from birth”. I couldn’t get this thought away from my head. Imagining what a person who was blind from birth would dream. 

Their whole dream is a feeling. Things they have felt when they have touched certain objects and people when they are awake. Their dreams are made up of this. No visual component. Let me explain, If a blind person were to touch a cup, the feeling of that touch sinks in. Now in their dream, they might imagine that feeling of the cup and the objects around them. I can’t even call it “vizualize”! Phew I can’t imagine dreams without visual objects. I know they haven’t even seen anything in real life, so seeing in a dream is also impossible but to imagine dreams without visions is so hard especially for a person who has the gift of sight.

When I was searching in the internet, I came across this answer in one of the message boards.

I am totally blind. When I dream, I dream as though I’m having a normal experience. There is no sight in my dreams because I have no memories of sight. However, I have normal auditory/smell/touch perseption.

Hope this helps”

These above lines lingered in my mind for quite sometime. Being as someone with vision we have not developed all our other sense organs to the maximum. We never remember how something feels, what we remember is always how it looks. 

But then there is one thing that I have always been amazed and happy about when it comes to the weird ways of the brain. Some songs that I listen to are linked to certain situation or people. When I listen to those songs after a long time, I can feel how I felt at that particular situation or how that set of people make me feel. These are not images but just emotions. Sometimes these emotions are so strong that I almost feel like being there again. Maybe I should pay more attention to such emotions. 

This was quite touching inspiration as we really have to care for all our emotions. Just imagine how we are gifted by the sight. From this present moment i should always feel proud of what god has given me in the wake of life. We should make use of our existing resources before we search for a required  and before our existing gets depleted(As we grow older).


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