A Budding Friendship


Chinese Symbol for friendship
Chinese Symbol for friendship

I been thinking from last night about the values of friendship and how a friend of mine has changed my life path. Although he is no more to witness the skills that he has given me in a short period of time. This is a dedication to a good friend without him, i am no where.


He is ‘Abi Mathew’ . Its during my college, i admit to myself i am not from a well groomed family and the education i had doesn’t teach me how to mingle around with people and the social aspects of life. So it quite usual in college, when everyone wearing a fancy attire looking so fablous and me on the other side dressed up quite normally without any branded items around me. Ofcourse friends will make fun of you always. I never cared about it. But as though i am a human and i have a heart, where in there are needs and deeds. 

I finally decided to change my apartment as the fun went on overwhelming and where i met my friend ‘Abi’. He’s is been watching all these dramas quite couple of month but he felt quite awkard in conveying it to me. So when i was looking for an apartment he offered me a space in his apartment. There started our friendship. Quite facinating aspect is that “I should speak to him in english all the time” not in our mother tongue. AS he dont know my mother tongue.

As months rolled on, he became one of my best pal. The best form of relationship is a Professor – Student one. He corrected me the mistakes that i commit during communication, Usage of words, Grammatical errors in my written form, how to initiate a talk, how to mingle around with people, how to dress up and every core rules which i wasn’t aware for quite a long time.

There started my life.. I began participating in group discussions, seminars and that’s how i am. He even helped me in situtations when i am faced with financial crisis. Its been quite facinating life. Started realising the potential of life, the facinations, the reality and so on. I shared with him everything about my past life and present life. During our conversation he keeps of conveying me that i will achieve more in life after i sort out all the backlogs within me.

From there on i started reading blogs, comics, technical articles and so on. After our college there comes a critical phase of finding a job. ie its like a battle one with 1000 job seekers for every interview. After such a hardship battle i got a job after 4 months of grueling struggle, there started my career path.  I had a big view in my mind that i have to show my friend the path and the backlogs that been overcame.

In my career path i realised the positive’s of my training with ‘Abi’. I been credited on how i confront with the client, handling the team, maintaining a friendly gesture with all my teammates. Without his introduction i might have struggled with responsbilities when its given. I have reached a state where i can voice out and take any state of responsbilites.

The saddest part is when i got a mail from her sister stating that ‘He passed away because of Brain Tumor’ last year. I was shattered. The plans that been made are all demolished. I lost a real friend who was with me for 5 years sharing all my feelings and situtations.

With Tears i am conveying this my friend. ‘You will be the part of every success that i am attaining in life’. You mended a guy from no where to everywhere,  You taught me what is life, you made to realise what is luxury, you showed me how money plays a game betweeen friendship, You rectified my backlogs, you accomodated me in all my worst situtations, You gave your shoulder when no one is there to help me. I realised what is life, money, wealth, people, thoughts and above all the sole of friendship.

I am writting this because as of now i haven’t repayed you of what you gave me. All these traits are unique and quite rare to a person to get. This blog will be everlasting and when any of your family members searched for a article on you and if they find one. They will be happy enough that ‘You have changed a person’s life’. you showed him the life.

Its a Garland of Words from a humble friend who doesn’t have anything to do for you, when he is with you. I hope that this ‘Garland of Words’ will be priceless for the moments.


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