Train Of Thoughts

While i was reading my friend Ryan’s blog about “REDUNDATING REDUNDANCY… OF LIFE(

I just wanted to write a blog that matches his uniqueness. I was just accumulated by stream of thoughts and suddenly i spotted my Header for my blog as “Train of Thoughts”. Quite Amazing right, Yea that the power of thought process and here is what i just guessed in 5 minutes of time to dress my thought with thoughts.

the-lines-of-my-thoughts01Have you ever given this thought a thought? Which language do u think in? Do you even think in a language? I was giving it a thought.First thing i realised was though my mother tongue is tamil and i usually speak in english to most people, I think or talk to myself in english. So i realised i was most comfortable speaking in english. The next thing i discovered was way to obvious.

When you are about to speak to someone in a particular language obvoiusly you start thinking in that language. The next question is what about the time when you are neither speaking to yourself or anyone else? Its just train of thoughts running in your head, Just like images. Do they also have a language running in the background? I wonder. 
The next think that puzzled me was, If I think in a particular language, doesnt that hinder my thought process? Does it give all the liberty to explore all the horizons of my thought?DOes vocabulary curb our thoughts? If thats true , if i do think in a language then y do we have difficulty in expressing out thoughts into words?

Isn’t that the biggest problem for most people? Putting our thoughts into words!I wonder again.
As usual i googled to find an answer but all i found were hypothesis and complicated theories without much basis. But I found this one webpage that actually talks about people from a tribe in Brazil called Pirahã. The language in that tribe does not have numbers beyond 2. its just “One, Two, Many”. So when Pirahã were showed set of two rows of objects, a row of four objects and another of five objects, they had a tough time distinguishing it cause they couldnt count beyond two! Weird again! .

If language is what lets our train of thoughts run, how do people who are deaf from birth think? How do animals think? They don’t speak any language. Don’t tell me they think in different sounds!

I really want to know as to which language everyone thinks in and which language do to you talk to urself with. Let me know i am curious. Thus I conclude my thoughts that were running wild through my fingers in english!(Hehehe.. i dont mind if u think that i am quite crazy)


5 thoughts on “Train Of Thoughts”

  1. ezhil. i really like this post. i too has read the blog thats been posted by ryan like u said he has some unique traits. keep the good work

  2. it made me to think about the usage of language and its terms. ofcourse i will say that u r very crazy when u r writting.. 🙂

    1. Yea that y i added the word crazy at the end of my blog. anyways if it made you to think. i will be quite fine

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