I was late to bed yesterday to say honestly i went to bed by 3 AM in the morning. I keep on watching some good movies in all the channels. Accidently i heard a word called ‘Tangerine’ in some movie, which i wasn’t aware of it. I went back to sleep after sometime.

Finally its a form of orange
Finally its a form of orange


If you already know what the word ‘Tangerine’ means, you might find the post very silly, or you might find it silly anyway.

Monday morning I woke up with one word in my head ‘Tangerine’. I didn’t even know what it meant or why it had so many references to in my dream. It was a place? a thing? a song all at once in my dream, I can’t recall much. But I knew it felt important.

But then it was stupid.I had never heard of the word before atleast not consciously nor did I even know the meaning of the word. So before anything I looked up for the meaning. (From a dictionary, no, not online, from the book,which I hadn’t done in a long time). It was a type of Orange!! Why would I dream about oranges, without even knowing that they meant oragnes??

Then I searched more in wikipedia. I found out Tangerine was a song by Led Zeppelin. I thought why not, listen to it. I was anyway on a Tangerine spree!

If not for the dream I would have missed listening to a beautiful song! A song with amazing guitar solo by Jimmy page!

I still don’t know what the dream meant or why that word was there in it, but I am glad!

PS: I didn’t know Clementine was also a type of orange!(LOL)..

I just want to share this feel or an interlink between an unknown word. Which made me to find a pleasent solo guitar song. Ayus Ba?


3 thoughts on “Tangerine”

  1. A blog with tangerine that quite awesome. good one
    what’s that Ayus Ba? at the last line is that a philipines language?????????????

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