music-noteToday as i am listeting to some pleasent music, i suddenly realised that how do i remember most of my friends & people who are with me before. Whenever i am moving forward i my life i.e out for a job or moving to college in order to remember people most.

I request them Leave me a song that you like a lot, A song that you think I would enjoy. A song that you would highly recommend or one that you are passionate about, something from your cream layer of music! and just guess how that silly habit has developed into a good feel. When i hear a specific song i remember people to whom its the favourite song. See how it sounds good….. We can remember them whenever we hear the song

Like fragrances, flashes of a particular scene, music is a fragment of memory of various points of time for me. Where I picked it up, or heard it first, who made me listen to that song so on and so forth! This I have said a lot of times, to a lot of people. Thus most of the songs I listen to are associated to someone or some place or some situation for sure.

Most of my music is picked up from others, the bands that they are passionate about or the songs that they love, then I listen to them if it pleases me, enjoy it, listen to more songs from that band, and before I know they are a part of my songs as I start associating with them, more than I know it. It becomes, my song, maybe even a band that I love. 

So end of the day each song reminds me of people who introduced it to me, people who love the songs, or just even the place where I enjoyed listening to the song most. So I want more of this. I have been listening to my songs for years and years now, though I am not completely bored of them, I can never say no to ‘GOOD’ new music. 

I just shared my thought, so u might get a feel where u can remember people in a stoke of pleasent music

To All of them “Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing!”


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