Its quite crazy for me today morning to think of something about prepective when i shared my view through my window.

bedGetting up early in the weekend morning is quite crazy and especially in saturday morning after a complete night out on friday and also considering the comfortness of the bed and warmth of the blanket. But then i tell to myself that i have to and i am up. It was early march and start of summer here in philippines. As time passed on it got more gloomy, cloudy and if I was not wrong its start of summer???(Might be). It was a drastic change from the past few days’ weather…

Perspective …????  Yeah i am right on track

I used to look out through the same window, All the time. Even shared my view with all, through the same window again. It never occurred to me that the other windows might also show me the same things but with a different view. I was too convinced of what I could see from this window. 
But then suddenly I got a new view. One very far away from that window and well above it. Though I was seeing the same thing, but it felt as if through a few different pairs of eyes. Told me things I wouldn’t have seen or concluded from my white window. I will still remember what I saw from my window, believe in it, but I will not forget the other Perspective. Which came as surprisingly as it could have, from a place I would have never thought of.
It told me I was Ok..

Its a sudden thought about prespective(LOL)..



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