Maiden Rush!!! — A good Friend can change ur thoughts

Here i end up with writting another blog 3rd one for the day.

From morning I am running away for while from all that is clouding my head. All my work left as it is. I can be the “Half glass empty” person and expect everything to remain the way I left it in the same rut. I asked some time from one of my best pal in office. He agreed for that, As we two met up in a place where no one can find us(Still i have to keep it as a secret). I shared my thoughts and asked for some suggestions from him. He gave me some good overlay of thoughts and asked me to post a blog in case if i feel no one is there to share my thoughts. So there goes on everything

waterWhen come back I pick up the same pieces and go ahead. This is what they call the “being practical” as no one else would fix my problems. Or I can be the “Half glass full” person and expect some of those issue sorted out, some mellowed down. Somehow! (or maybe even all magically alright This is what they call “blindly hopeful”

Being “half glass full” makes me foolish ! Being “half glass empty” makes me an eternal pessimist!

But right now the lobes in my brain are over worked with all that is lying around. So I want be the “Half glass that is full” to conjure a spell and utter it to drive the madness away! 
A Swish and a flick of the wand should set it all right 

Come on, come on 
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on 
The world will follow after
Come on, come on 
Everybody.. Settle down
I can already hear, “At last a happy song”!

Why i wrote this blog has a meaning. When u feel depressed & or feeling no choice to hook up. Just share your thoughts & spread it with your friend. You too can get a feeling to go along despite of the incldents occuring next to u.

As the saying “Its your life. You have to Witness all barriers. Push Push push till the world push it back to you”


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