Ground Up to Cover Up – Cover Up to Blewn up

What can u infer from the picture
What can u infer from the picture
The purpose in witting this is blog is i feel frustrated about people, who just do anything(even the worst case of betrayal) to keep them safe. To those guys, take some moment to think the opportunities given to u. Expecting nothing from you in return other than your loyalty.

It happened today morning, as usual i was late in the morning to the office. My usual ten minutes will be like i will surf up something in the internet, so to know what’s happening in & around the world(Consciousness to remain updated about the latest development as the world economy is in recession. AMP). Where in i got a call for a quick meeting.

The issue is more sensitive.

Its been inferred that the issue is on how a PM has handled things. To my internal belief, i do agree that with the previous PM if given these below constrained criteria’s “Time constraint, Lack of Resources, Lack of licensed softwares, Limited time to experiment”. But the result is positive. We have met the client’s requirements and they are happy about the performance.

But we have to be cautious always to make our ground up work covered up all the time and even if its blown away, the one who is involved right now has to be aware of the aspects to cover up rather than let it blew up. As they will be aware that this situation will persist at anytime. The morale of a PM invidiual depends on the morale of his team. The team is constituted of team members and thats us and we have to keep the morale up always.
No harsh feelings on anyone as i am witting this blog.

Its just a thought, Like John Travolta commenting on GodFather in his movie swordfish. hehehe, Guys life is very short and the world is round if you start at one end u have to complete that in the other end.

It has to be and thats the reality.
Finally readers might not think i am no where related with the topic. If you are really concerned you can understand the essence of the post. It will be known why i have given a title like the one displayed in bold above(Hahaha)


4 thoughts on “Ground Up to Cover Up – Cover Up to Blewn up”

  1. who is the one u r talking about is tht so sensitive issue. i do agree with it.
    say my wishes to the one specified in ur blog 🙂

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