Why i started Blogging

Its Been a while i started of posting this blog at last by the end of this day i have accumulated by time to do so.

I started blogging last November via Ning.com a friendster thing which is been created by Ryan Canlas(Yea exactly the ten gallon head guy) .but it Didn’t work. Updating daily wasn’t a challenge(AMP), but slowly I lost my passion because of the incidents that happened in my company after the day of Christmas party. After that some unacceptable incidents in my family. I was broken into two. No hope in my life.
And there started the recession. I got no other options rather than to plunge those thoughts within myself. I got no one to share with other than crying within myself.

That’s when it hit me: passion is what drives blogging. Only with passion (which I sadly cannot afford) can one sustain a certain quality level through a long period of time. And so, The Blogging was born. A blog where I post what I like, and not what I have to. It changed the game a lot. I enjoy writing posts a lot now and always take time to proof-read and improve.

The initiation was through Ryan Canlas After i read his blog, his style and the message that he conveyed in his blogs inspired me to start blogging again.

While I was not an active blogger back in November I’ve been following many interesting blogs. I still remember how I gobbled up all of those articles, and the overwhelming desire to guest post. I was aware of course, that for these bloggers you have to write quality stuff and have authority. Well, maybe someday, who knows

Now, back to the topic. I want to tell you about a few who radiated this passion. And you, loyal readers (and those who hate me, but still subscribe for some weird reason) What drives me now, and this I learned from Dong ,Ryan & all those, is the pure joy of expressing things.

Thanks guys


9 thoughts on “Why i started Blogging”

  1. Nice try Buddy.. I think u have a wonderful art of writting..
    Keep that up. My Hearty thanks to Ryan to initiate the writting skills within u

  2. Damit. How are u da? Hope u remember me, i searched in internet about something and i found ur name in the search description and when back verfying it it was u.
    nice one. 🙂

  3. Ezhil is the 2nd Indian Friend I had and the only one if I may say whom I have not had any single argument with. He listens and he speaks when he has to.

    He is unnoticed because of his humility but his silence comes with a remarkable trait of loyalty, truthfulness and competency. He is a good man.

    Like me, he has his own struggles and visions as well. I am happy that somehow my little advice of him getting into writing has given him means to sharpen and solidify his view about work and about life.

    As I always tell Ezhil… someday, you will look back on all the struggles that you have successfully surpassed and you will be proud how strong you have been and how blessed you have become. You will succeed!

    Thank you.

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