A Unique Birthday Gift

Howdy Kavi(on your birthday)

Unique Flowers
Unique Flowers

It’s almost a year ago to this very day that I put together some of my thoughts. Would would have thought the blog would still be around. I remember those first days very fondly, When i got some nice dosage for not wishing you on your birthday. So that made me to write this blog especially for you in prior to your birthday. Its a quite unique gift as my saying “Life From Words”. I am gifting you this blog on your birthday.

The Summer Slowdown is racing ahead. Over the next year I hope u to have many more real life examples of life.

I know you are fond of composing poems anyways since i tagged it as a “Unique Birthday Gift” i was pushed to deliver some brain twisting messages(Not really). But these are the verses it came along my mind when i thought of witting a blog on your birthday. Since a birthday blog should carry some sort of verses, that gives you hope on your day.

So Here it is!!!

Each new year of your life carries with it a passage to reflection and reinvention. This is a rich blessing; To revel in the excess of your prosperity and use it, Swim and get lost in the depths of copiousness; in the wealth of the lessons that surround you, birth you, grow you, teach you.
The walk to your legacy is a glorious one.
Make truth with what is. Make life with the spirit that exists within you. Make movements with your force. (They only reckon with you out of fear). Be fearless back. And move!
Be courageous in your pursuits and Live. Live! For the sake of all that is being around you; Be a part of it too. Be inspired to find freedom in the midst of constraint. Laugh in the face of anything that doubts you. (sometimes that’s all we can do.)
The world never stops; It merely waits long enough for u to jump aboard and take hold of your destiny.
This moment is yours. This day is yours especially; A gift to cherish, like you.

The celebration is for you. And here I am, celebrating with them. Most importantly, remember how short this all is– and celebrate too.

The gifts are endless.

P.S. ‘This day is yours especially.’

I was pushed to make my blog shorter just for you, as u told me that seeing my first blog length you felt dizzy(Hehehe). Just Kidding…… Just to make the info crispy.

Enjoy your day.


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