Do you want to be a JACK or a MASTER

There is a saying in IT industry pointing out to a professional stating that he is the “Jack of all Trades but Mater of none”. When I was commuting by a train this thought lingered in me, whether in this ever changing world a professional has to be a Master of one or he wants to be a Jack of all trades.

At the beginning of this discussion my mind pops me with a strange answer “No way those days are long gone, Nothing are been re discovered then. Now the best you can do is to pick your field and master it”. Was that Syllabi right?

It is entirely possible to be a jack of all trades, master of many. How? Specialists overestimate the time needed to “master” a skill and confuse “master” with “perfect”. Based on my experience and research, it is possible to become world-class in almost any skill within one year. In the world of dogmatic specialists, it’s the generalist who ends up running the show because he has a broad range of skills and sees the unseen interconnectedness. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the big-picture generalists who will predict, innovate, and rise to power fastest. There is a reason military “generals” are called such.

It’s even more fun, in the most serious existential sense. The jack of all trades people can maximizes his number of peak experiences in life and learns to enjoy the pursuit of excellence unrelated to material gain, all while finding the few things he is truly uniquely suited to dominate. The specialist who imprisons himself in self-inflicted one-dimensionality — pursuing and impossible perfection — spends decades stagnant or making imperceptible incremental improvements while the curious generalist consistently measures improvement in quantum leaps. It is only the latter who enjoys the process of pursuing excellence. So Jack of all trades excels on a wide world perspective basis.

Is tht so???
Jack Or Master


Speaking in terms of career aspect, this is a kind of good news, bad news situation. The good news is that you can do so many things. The bad news is that companies want specific skills for their particular job opening. This is especially true today, when hiring a new employee and adding the cost of the salary and benefits to their payroll is such a major decision. Employers do not necessarily need someone who has dabbled in a subject, but rather want someone who can demonstrate that they can do the specific job for which they are recruiting. We incorrectly believe that the wider the net we spread, the more fish we will catch. That is not the case with an unfocused job search. It is preferable to have two or three resumes that are pinpointed to a certain type of job, rather than to have just one resume that covers all the bases. Having multiple versions of your resume can also make your job search more efficient and directed. When you do succeed in getting an interview scheduled, be sure to prepare for it by studying the parameters of the job, and how the company’s needs apply to your skills.

Another benefit of a more focused search is that it makes it easier for people who really want to help you to direct their efforts on your behalf. A message of “I can do almost anything” or “I am good at these ten various things” will make it harder for your contacts to produce the relevant introductions that you need. The more focused your networking efforts are, the more effective the results will be.

So Jack of all trades excels when you are in a dominable role, But for the starters preferring to be a Jack won’t suit their desire to achieve more in this ever changing world.

Thanks for reading!

Though I am not en expert, I hope it helps

Do you want to be a JACK or a MASTER

Change the way on how you think

It was a fascinating day today. Not because the climate out here in Chennai is quite cool today, when I was commuting by train to office I get these thought in my mind which might frame my life on how I am so far, so thought of sharing it with my readers.

Thought Bubble

Am I happy with all the different areas of your life? What about the old you, would they be happy with the way your life is just now? What about your future self?

I believe consciousness is an amazing aspect of human life and I also believe we can access consciousness from all ourselves; past, present and future. It may have a memory which we can tap into. I see consciousness as being a split up into different clouds and each consciousness cloud can be tapped into should we wish to use its knowledge. Just as there may be clouds of consciousness for everything we can think of and some we have yet to think of we have clouds which pertain to us specifically. Within these clouds we can access our past consciousness, pour present consciousness and our future consciousness. This is the beauty of checking out all of my current beliefs it’s great to play with them , dismiss them and formulate my own, instead of someone telling me this is what you should believe and anything else is just stupid or crazy.

What I found most interesting is that I believed I would be happy with this career in all aspects of myself: past, present and future. However when I came to answer the questions about different aspects of my life it was
really surprising what my past thought about my present and what my future thought about my present choices.

Now you might think ‘how the hell can we access our future selves’. For a moment think about what you are going to do tomorrow, possibly get up to go to work, think of the work you will do, the people you will talk to, etc
etc. You have just accessed your future self. You always have to access your future self at some point. The moment you wake up you are accessing your future self you have to think about what you are going to do before you do it.This was a great revelation to me when I discovered it, and it is by no means a new revelation:

You ALWAYS have to think about your future before you do it.

Change the way on how you think

Opportunity – A rarest commodity

I  wondered many times that why I am not getting an opportunity to prove myself that I am one of a good asset/my passion of getting a an onsite opportunity doesn’t come true.
It made me to think that whether opportunity is one of a rarest commodity on the earth that everyone have to seek for it. As a IT professional I have a passion form the moment I started this career. I should be a consultant providing consultancy services around the whole world. But I have only attained 20% of that passion the rest of the time I cannot get an opportunity to establish myself in such situation.

I can’t blame myself for not being so pro active to look for one. I been craving for one for so long time and for everything that I got I have put in my best efforts to prove that I am quite competitive even if the technology is new to me.Is it a rarest commodity?

I heard stories that my colleagues doesn’t want to go on a onsite offer. Taking the reason that they don’t want to and sometimes a colleague willing want to comeback from a country stating that he is getting quite bored there. Why am I not getting one such when I am craving it for more and why do I can’t get one. Do I lack in talent? or Do I lack in techincal skill sets or Do I lack in my communication what else. Why the opportunity doesn’t knock my door when I ready to open it or else whether it will knock when I am sleeping. If that the case I don’t want to sleep.

I don’t know why always opportunity is a rarest commodity to me. Is it only for me or is it for lot others in this world.Please take my survey on that by which I can finalize myself on the same. Thank You.


Opportunity – A rarest commodity

On my new way

It’s been weeks since my bike got punctured. For those past days I been committing via public transport and it will be hectic when you live in a place where you wont get a transport straight to the office. I doesn’t mean that you will get everything in this world as a spoon feeding. But in scenarios where you were addicted to comfort when things got to mess around like I punctured my bike the whole world seems to be looking at me. hahahahaha

So for the past week I been planning to get this work done and so far until yesterday it is still in planning phase. Either way I left from office very late. If I left very early also my mind doesn’t prefer to look for a mechanic shop as it feels inside that I am very tired. I realised that I am getting boredom everyday when I listen to my consious mind. So to get a conclusion I decided yesterday that I will get this fixed. So instead of listening to conscious mind I asked my sub conscious mind to get me an idea to get this done by yesterday. “An idea popped out, I collected the bike from my friend and despicably looking for a mechanic and after so much confrontation I took him to my home to fix it.
When the work is on the way to my surprise he commented that the tube cannot be used anymore as the mouth which hold up the air has been given away. Hectic but I have prepared for that, because earlier I withdrawn 300 from ATM just for my safety and I paid him Rs.180 for a new tube and Rs.40 for the puncture.

At last I got this thing done for this weekend. I patted myself because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to get this thing done by listening to my sub conscious mind instead of blaming myself of not to get this thing done.

On my new way

About thoughts – In a different Perspective

How far can you be unique in a world so wide with the set of human characteristics being too finite? The funny thing is, those who crave to be different are the same persons who crave the most for like-minded pals. Now, that brings us to a totally different story. Its wonderful how we find similarities with people as we get close to them even with seemingly the most unexpected ones. Its wonderful how we keep on discovering similarities with some people at the rate of a bunch per minute.

Life gets busy, life goes monotonous.  Typical. Oh yeah, life can be typical, too and then I have this realization where I see that chances are slim for such a spontaneous inspiration to happen in this busy part of life. I read somewhere, the key in such situations is to see the same things in a different palette. We have to redraw the same insane things on a different canvas using fresher colours, and all of a sudden they get a new life.

Similar or no-similar, what characterises my relations with people is my bad memory! I’m so sorry I can’t remember names, dates, relationships between people and other such critical details. I’m yet to see how this is gonna affect my future life in the outside cruel world.

Yet another thing at which I consider myself great, is multi-tasking. Still that’s what I always try to do – doing so many things at once, hardly contributing to any expected ‘efficient time management’. But I do believe in time management. If we spend money on things and say “Why not buy the best stuff for these bucks?”, well then, “Why not do the best things for these minutes?”.

The best way of spending the little moments in life may be to enjoy the simple things it offers. If you keep on observing life closely, you’ll soon discover that its the simple things that matter. One thing we can’t seem to avoid completely is the mood swing. Sad times do happen. Despite all the happy things going on around, once in a while we all go down the happiness scale, carried away in our own uncertainities. Let’s take this normally. After all there is no real point in staying sad. Moreover, the down times have their own part in the play of life. You see, it balances the happiness. Too much of happiness is too much of positive energy. And too much of energy is a pretty unstable state. It can make you overconfident and make you forget what is practical and what is not. So the sad times essentially pull us back to reality whenever we are floating away in the dreamy world for too long, and put us back into action.

Thus the most important faith is that in the goodness life offers – to see the real purpose of even the apparently unfavourable things that we come across. To learn and move on. To keep ourselves occupied rather than letting the negativity take over. And to keep a bunch of good people close at hand.

Don’t sit in the dark waiting for someone to switch on the light. Get up. In your life, you are the one to say “Let there be light!”. And there shall be light – Its a saying by someone. I feel it is apt to use it in my blog


About thoughts – In a different Perspective

Do I need a character change???

Do I need a character change??? – This was the thought that has bottled in me for some time. It came up again yesterday during a casual discussion. I felt much stressed and after a very surprise call, I began thinking myself what is wrong with my character. The question that arose in me (Do I need a character change) is useless.

There is this saying that “We all have issues that we need to deal with.” No matter how much of a well-rounded person I think I am, I should admit to the fact there is a particular part of my personality which probably looks weird or is annoying for others.

However, these little quirks, annoying habits and personal rituals that I just cannot seem to get rid of what is makes each person unique and interesting.

The first thing that I need to do when dealing with my character flaws is to accept it is a part of who am I?. Again, these characteristics are the things that make each individual unique, so I might as well accept it. This includes a little quirk like habitual lateness that you just cannot seem to shrug off

But what about being easily irritable? For this, I may want to analyze myself and learn how this flaw in my character is affecting others. For this I need to put myself in my shoes and imagine how I will react if I get ‘snappish’ response over an innocent question. Basically, I will get hurt, especially if I do not know the reason behind such behavior.

If I feel that my character can easily be adjusted for a newer, better me – I have to go out of my way and try to change it. This is especially true if my personality quirks are negatively affecting my colleagues or my loved ones.

At this moment the important thing is for me is to learn how to deal with flaws in my character and accept them as part of who am I as a person.

Because of these strange thoughts I got tired. It made me to think hey I got an alternate sleeping pill. Hehehe..

Do I need a character change???

A gift on my way

t was one of those erratic days when things are definitely off the schedule. Bored with these kinds of activities for so many days now I decided to go for a walk and checkout whats going on around me. As I stepped out of the house I realized that the weather is planning to give me a pleasure treat. I walked across the apts gazing at the clouds beginning to hide the stars studded sky. Days since I observed what nature looks like around. The sight of the trees strands over the dim light was such a gorgeous view. Refreshing cold wind was blowing across my face, a fresh gush of energy and an innate glee spread around me. For a moment I forgot about my regular set of worries. It is usually very rare to walk around  like that and today was one of those wonderful days when we had a chance to enjoy the pleasant breeze and feel the breeze my hum goes..

The time I spent may be quite less but the effect obtained is invaluable and is most cherishing…I walked around a bit and heard the musical chatter of the leaves waving in the wind. Everything around me looked so happy and gloriously peaceful. Gazing at everything around me I walked across the road, finished some grocery and was getting back when it started raining so harshly..I stopped outside the shop and just waited to watch the rain.Such a pleasant feeling when the cool air engulfs your eyes and your face…Nothing could make you forget the worst of feelings than such a beautiful evening experience..What a gift of rejuvenation and ofcourse at the right time!!

I stood there observing the falling droplets of water cross the light of the white lamps…I dint realize how long it was ..until I could see no more of the drops…until the rain stopped that I had just left the things I bought over in the corner unattended….All engrossed with the strong smelling soil and the pitter patter rain-drops …a welcome break from my mundane routine.. I walked back and I felt the flowing cold water in my feet..I remembered my childhood when I used to willingly go back from school drenching myself completely. My slippers slipped as it always does …Guess I failed in my lessons to walk forever.The sound of flowing water was so fresh to remind me of all the peaceful things that I have ever thought of.. Reminds me of the days in Chennai when I used to visit the beach late in the night.I got recharged to some sort of hyper mood …I completely forgot to go back home with a feeling of not-wanting- to-part the cheerfulness I was blessed with . I peeked through my window just to see that the rain had completely stopped ..probably telling me that it is enough for today’s share of fun.

A gift on my way